AudioCart is what it looks like, an old fashioned cart machine. Take an audiofile, drag it to the player and start it with the function key. AudioCart supports the most common audio file formats, e.g. wav, adpcm, mp1, mp2, mp3... You can use up to 10 decks, start them with F1 to F10. 

Whether you use AudioCart as a jingle machine in your broadcast studio or simply to play the newest mp3 files from the Internet, it is the flexible solution for your needs.

Pre-program your own packages and load several audio files by one click. Or send a textfile to the broadcast studio  or..or.. or..

Tip: Start the next slot by pressing the space bar.

System requirements:

Core i3, 4 GB Ram, Windows 10 ®, one or two sound card(s) recommended

Price: 59 € (single license)

Please send a mail if you want to use it.

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